Quiz: Is He The One?

Step 1 of 3: Character Assessment

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The Josephson Institute identifies the "Six Pillars of Character " as Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship. These aspects of one's nature cover the spectrum of what it means to be a "good character".

For each of the following traits, compare your partner to other people whom you interact with on a daily basis (co-workers, family members, friends). How does your partner compare with others in your life?


A partner is trustworthy if they are open with their emotions, if they hold promises and keep your secrets, if they tell the truth, and if they demonstrate that they have resolve or conviction.

Compared to others in your life, is your partner:

more trustworthy
less trustworthy
about the same


A partner is respectful if they are tolerant, have good manners, and are considerate of other people's feelings, beliefs and ideas (not yelling, ignoring, belittling, etc.).

Compared to others in your life, is your partner:

more respectful
less respectful
about the same


When you think of responsibility, you usually think of people who arrive on time, people who are able to keep up jobs, people who take care of their bodies, and people who, when assigned a task, see them through.

Compared to others in your life, is your partner:

more responsible
less responsible
about the same


Partners who value fairness are willing to compromise (on dinner plans, outings, etc). They don't make excessive or unrealistic demands on others while withholding themselves. They consider the impact of their actions and the needs of those around them rather than focusing solely on themselves.

Compared to others in your life, is your partner:

more fair
less fair
about the same


Caring has a lot to do with compassion. Does your partner listen well to both the content and tone of what you have to say? Does your partner notice when you're in a bad mood versus a good mood? Are they sensitive and careful in how relate to your emotions?

Compared to others in your life, is your partner:

more caring
less caring
about the same


Good citizenship in a partner reflects one's engagement with the world around them, beyond personal needs and wants. Good citizens keep themselves abreast with what's happening in their community (whether small or large), and they care about their role in society. Good citizens make good role models.

Compared to others in your life, your partner has:

more citizenship
less citizenship
about the same

Summarizing Character

Only you can determine whether your partner has the right character attributes for you. As a general guideline, consider this evaluation of your answers to the above questions:

  1. Is your partner below-average in two or more character traits? If so, they may have poor/questionable character.
  2. Is your partner above-average in two or more character traits? If so, then he/she may have good/great character.
  3. If none of the above, then your partner may have decent/average character.

According to the above, your partner has:

Good Character
Fair/Decent Character
Poor/Questionable Character
(Answer all the questions above.)